In addition to sick and well visits, we offer:

- Newborn exams 
- Newborn screening/PKU/bilirubin level
- Frenotomy (tongue-tie)
- Tympanometry/Audiometry
- Synagis
- Dermabond and some suture placement/removal
- ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment
- Rapid testing for strep, mono, flu, pregnancy
- Urinalysis, Hemoccult
- BMI 
- Blood draws in the Office (lead, anemia, thyroid,
   lipid, coags)
- Blood type testing
- RAST allergy testing
- Asthma/allergy and spirometry
- Pulsox
- Wart removal/Histofreeze
- Completion of forms (school, camp, daycare)
- Ear piercing
- Wellness programs
- Obesity/Weight Loss and Management programs
   with certified nutritionist, psychologist, personal
   trainer and pediatrician.
-A special Pediatric Choice program for enhanced      service and convenience

And for the parents:

- Prenatal "What to Expect" seminars
- New parent and "Post-Partum Blues" support
   groups run by experienced psychologists

Phone: (212) 595-5501
Fax: (212) 595-5510
Email: wardpeds[AT]