The childhood obesity epidemic has sky-rocketed. Currently, over 1 in 4 American children is overweight. Of these, 80% will become overweight adults. Aside from the physical ailments, the psychological burden is overwhelming. Overweight and obese children are more often teased and bullied, and the majority often deal with severe depression and anxiety. 
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Big Apple Pediatrics and a certified professional fitness trainer have developed the W.H.E.N. Program, which incorporates Wellness, Health, Exercise, and Nutrition into a flexible program for all overweight and obese children and their concerned families. The program is tailored to each individual child and utilizes the professional services of a nutritionist, psychologist, fitness professional, and a pediatrician to evaluate, educate, and support each child individually and in a group setting.

The program is currently running in 2 month cycles, with 2 sessions per week for a total of 16 sessions. For more information, please call Dr. Ward at (212) 595-5501.
The W.H.E.N. Program
W.H.E.N. starts with a thorough and specialized examination by the pediatrician, followed by personalized evaluation by each of the involved professionals, and comes with a full evaluation and plan specifically tailored for that child and family.

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