On various Saturdays, we will be hosting various reading and arts and crafts programs, featuring fingerpaint, crayons, stickers, stamps, jewelry, beads, and much more. Each program will be age-appropriate and will cover a different theme. Parents can leave their children with us for 2 hours on a Saturday for fun, supervised special programs.
Please join us in sometime in 2022 (!) for our next arts and crafts event. We will welcome any children ages 3 to 7 to join us from 12-2PM. Please call for details.
P. 212.595.5501

Avanelle or Nataliya will be the hosts for the children, but these events will be personally supervised by Dr. Ward and another office staff member who will be in attendance the entire duration of the activity. 
Welcome to Big Apple Pediatrics Special Events for Kids! We would like to introduce the patients and families of B.A.P to the special projects we will have on alternating Saturdays where parents can bring their children for 2 hours of supervised fun!
Big Apple Pediatrics Special Events for Kids
To sign up, just call the office or stop by anytime. Space is limited to 6 children. Healthy snacks will be provided.
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